Castaway - Lighting diagram

With this shoot I wanted to images to look like they were shot on a deserted tropical island and have a high contrast between the highlights and shadows, so we did the shoot in the hard mid afternoon sun. I wanted to slightly underexpose the background to capture the nice blue gradients of the water and sky. To do this I used a Cokin P 153 -2 stop ND Filter. For lighting I used the alien bees B1600 with the Paul C Buff large octabox coming from the same detention as the sun to enhance the highlights and contrast on the models. I placed the light slightly above aiming down and feathered slightly away from models to create some shadows on the other side of the models.  

Production Info:

Photographs by: Dan Cuellar

Model: John De Stefano Jr.

Model: Alyse Hrynkiw

Fashion By: Jenny lee Maas 


Hair & Makeup By: Heather Weiser 

Facebook: Dan Cuellar Photography

Shot on location at Moore's inlet beach Wildwood Nj

Strobist info: 

Camera: Canon eos 6D 

Lens: Canon 24-70mm 2.8L USM II 

Lens Filter: Conkin P 153 -2 stop ND Filter. 

Camera Settings

Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec

aperture: f / 2.8 - f /4 

ISO: 100 


Flash unit: AlienBees b1600

Battery: Vagabond Mini Battery Pack

Modifier: Paul C Buff Large Octabox

Power setting: 1/4 power